Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Sciences Pathway to WSU

Wildlife ecologists research and implement scientifically sound strategies for the conservation, protection, and sustainable management of wild animals and their habitat. The wildlife ecology and conservation sciences option combines strong science and a broad background in natural resources and the environment to help you fully understand the ecology, habitat, and conservation of wild animals.  See the flyer here: Wildlife Ecology Flyer.

Career Opportunities

  • Wildlife biologist, manager, or researcher
  • Conservation biologist/endangered species specialist
  • Wildlife refuge manager
  • Wildlife officer/game warden
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental educator
Photo of an Elk

Degree Options

Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences (AAAS) Degree in Watershed Ecology-WC: a two year degree program that matriculates into a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences degree in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Sciences in the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at Washington State University. For more information on the individual courses, click here.