Watershed Management Degree

Watershed Management blends the knowledge of biological sciences with the application of cutting-edge technical skills. Professionals will be skilled in identifying and assessing the natural habitat needs of fish and wildlife in relation to healthy ecosystems, with an emphasis on the restoration and management of aquatic environments.

Skills You’ll Develop

  • Identifying species and the habitat needs of fish and wildlife
  • Collecting samples, completing field surveys, analyzing and reporting data
  • Land surveying and computer aided mapping
  • Using restoration practices for improving habitat and stream channels
students in Mill Creek taking scientific measurements

Degree Options The Associate in Applied Sciences Degree (AAS) in Watershed Management is a two year degree program that prepares students for work in the water and conservation industries. A one year certificate in Watershed Management is also available.

adults adjusting large water instrument in creek

Career Opportunities This is a hands-on outdoor-oriented career field with job opportunities such as:

  • Fish and Wildlife Technician
  • Habitat Specialist
  • Water Quality Technician

Potential employers include federal, state, local, tribal, and private agencies. Check out the program flyer and course listing for Watershed Management. For more information on the individual courses, click here. Contact Melissa Holecek for more information about this exciting program.