We have a variety of fun, informative, standards-based activities and lesson plans available to use here at the Center or at your school. Melissa Holecek would be happy to provide a quick overview or even join your class for a day to teach a lesson!

Resources for Loan

Hands-on learning tools are available for teachers to borrow on a first-come, first-served basis. See below for information about specific lessons which can be checked out as portable kits.

Enviroscape Model

Kit includes Enviroscape model and curriculum, which can be used to illustrate sources of water pollution in a local community. Curriculum can be adapted for all grade levels.



Groundwater Model

The Groundwater Model can be used to demonstrate many advanced hydro-geological concepts. Training from Water Center staff is required in order to use this model in your classroom. Appropriate for students grades 6-12.



Macroinvertebrate Kit

Kit includes all lesson plans, field guides, and materials needed to perform a macroinvertebrate bioassessment with your students. Training with Water Center staff on equipment use required before checking out materials.



Project WET, WILD, and Learning Tree Kits

 Selected materials from Project WET, WILD and Learning Tree curriculum manuals are available to check out, like this Project WET lesson about the water cycle called The Incredible Journey. Browse our K-12 Course Catalogue to discover which lessons are available.


Soil Science Kits

Kits include pH, potassium, and nitrate tests in addition to games and activities geared toward young students. Appropriate for students grade K-8.




Water Quality Monitoring Kits

Kits include tests for pH, nitrates, phosphates, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Best suited for students grades 5-8.




Worm Composting Bin

Kit includes directions for starting a small worm composting bin and curriculum to use in the classroom. Best suited for grades K-8.