WEC Flyer

The William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center is a unique college and community facility.The Center serves and supports stakeholders to resolve complex water and environmental issues and concerns while also serving as a place of learning and stewardship. Since our establishment in 2007, we have been a facility where education, collaboration and partnership play a key role in addressing issues essential to the sustainability of eastern Washington’s water-dependent agriculture, salmon runs and overall economy.

To learn more about the economic, environmental and social impact of our work, please read our Impact Study Summary or the full WEC Impact Study.

The results of this study show that the collaborative model of the WEC is generating a significant return on investment. The total estimated economic contribution of the WEC (including its five co-located partners) from 2007-2014 has been $88,809,764. The cumulative expenditures during that time were $27,970,144. In aggregate, the WEC and its co-located partners are realizing a $3 return in economic and environmental impacts for every $1 invested.

The researchers recommended that other watersheds can and should adopt the collaborative model pioneered by the WEC and out co-located partners.  We concur!

So the staff and faculty of the WEC are available to serve as your resource. We are readily available to speak with you about our operations and programs. We would be please to provide an in-depth tour of our facilities. We are willing to travel to your community to make presentations on and discuss our collaborative model. We are interested in building a cross-basin consortium of collaborative centers such as our own. For more information, please contact WEC Director Dave Stockdale.