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Scholarships are available for new WWCC students interested in the following STEM degree programs:

  • Watershed Management/Natural Resources
  • Engineering
  • Energy Systems Technology
  • Agriculture: Plant and Soil Science

These scholarships are for full-time students who:
 Have limited financial resources to pay for college
 Have prior experience or schooling that demonstrates they are academically talented
 Can maintain a GPA of 2.8 or greater (per quarter and cumulative)
 Have a high school equivalency or diploma
 Have completed a federal financial aid application
 Are 18 years old or over
 Are US citizens

Each scholarship award covers up to $3,600 in tuition & fees per academic year…for up to two years!

Application Deadline: Monday, July 16 by 11am PST

To apply, go to:  –or–contact [email protected] or 509.527.3678 today!

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